effective | adj -

successful in producing a desired or intended result.

My Story

If I'm honest I have been a code snob for many years (I'm not proud of this). I have had many opinions about what is "horrible" code. All the while, producing very ineffective code myself (a hypocrite).

As I have grown as a person and a developer/engineer I've come to understand that my code should be a teacher. It should embody my opinions about how code should look and should tell a story about how to be effective.

I also came to realize that I don't know everything, but there are a lot of people in the greater development community who know a ton, and their experience matters in shaping me into a better developer.

Definitions Matter

So what is an effective developer?

An effective developer is:

An inquisitive, persevering, empathetic, community driven, humble person who seeks to write understandable, reusable, simple, highly commented, and objective(choosing proven patterns over opinion) code.

That is a loaded definition that I hope will begin to make sense as the content of this website begins to fill out over the years. In fact, it is a moving definition that will be refined over time as I gain experience and learn from the experience of others.

The Goal

This website will share many of my own opinions (objective as possible) along with valued opinions of others I look up to. Somethings you will agree with; in somethings, you will wish I had gone further; and others you will not like at all. And that is okay, I value the input from the greater developer community (iron sharpens iron).

My hope is to become more than just a developer who gets things done. But to become a better overall developer who is effective in everything that I touch that deals with code. My bigger hope is to help others do the same.